Ann Arbor Sunless Tanning

Preparation & After Care


24-48 hours previous to your Session

  • Exfoliate, Shower, and Shave!!! I can not emphasize this enough as it is key to a great spray tan!
  • Complete any waxing, nail, or hair removal services at least 24 hours prior!
  • Avoid any high PH shower products, perfumes, and moisturizers the day of your appointment. These can neutralize DHA.
  • You can not get wet or workout for 8 hours after your tan is applied. Please allow for this in your schedule. I do offer a rapid rinse option for an additional charge and you can rinse within 3 hours if necessary.
  • Please bring an umbrella if there is any sort of precipitation expected the day of your session.

The day of your session

  • Please be on time for your appointment! Sessions are typically only 15 minutes long. If you are late I may have to bump you to my next available slot or another day. This may also be considered a violation of my cancellation policy. New clients are booked for 30 minutes to allow you to get familiar with my location.
  • Please come to your appointment makeup, lotion, & jewelry free. I am aware that some of you are coming from work and this is not always possible. Baby wipes are provided.
  •  Do not apply any lotions, creams, or perfumes! Use deodorant sparingly. Avoid creating sunless barriers.
  • Wear or bring dark loose fitting clothing for the hours after your tan is applied while it sets. Bras are also not recommended immediately after. Loose fitting or strapless are suggested when this is not possible.
  • Females are permitted to spray completely nude if you are comfortable. MALES MUST WEAR UNDERWEAR!! If you choose to wear undergarments the solution will wash out.

After your session

  • AVOID water contact, sweating, and precipitation for at least 4 hours!
  • A warm water rinse is permitted after 8 hours if necessary. Accelerated solutions may be rinsed off within 1-3 hours. No soap!
  • Regular showering with soap is permitted 16-24 hours after your tan is applied. 24 hours is optimal!
  • Pat dry with your towel for the week, do not rub dry!
  • Avoid soaps that may damge your tan. No bar soaps, dove, or exfoliants. Also do not use a loofah. Please see the FAQ section for recommendations!
  • Moisturizing your skin is vital to the longevity and even fade off of your tan. Tanning friendly products and coconut oil are my favorites!
  • For 24 hours after your session please do not shave, swim, wear liquid foundation, or apply lotion. Even with accelerated solution these rules still apply! 

please visit my frequently asked questions page for more details!