Ann Arbor Sunless Tanning

Frequently asked questions


how do i get the best results?

Please visit the preparation & aftercare section. There are detailed steps here, which start the day before your tan! It is best to schedule your appointment 1-2 days before your event so it has the full 24 hours to develop.

how long does the tan last?

Any spray tan typically lasts 5-7 days. Your skin naturally exfoliates about every week. The spray tan is essentially a skin dye which will shed when your skin naturally does. With proper prep and and aftercare I have seen tans last upwards of 10 days, but I prefer to under promise and over deliver! 

When can I shower?

You are completely waterproofed after 8 hours allowing you to rinse without soap. Soaps, lotions, chlorinated pools, and perfumes are not permitted within the first 24 hours. DHA synthesizes with your skin for up to 24 hours after application and the above list may inhibit its absorption into your skin.

Why can't I shower, shave, and exfoliate right before I come in?

Showering too soon before application can cause complications. Firstly your pores may still be open causing black spots in open hair follicles. Soaps often leave a residue and may effect your PH level causing color variations and barriers to DHA. Exfoliating and shaving can cause the above issues as well as strip your amino acids. The solution bonds to your amino acids. When you shave and exfoliate, you are stripping these off and it can take up to 24 hours for your skin to naturally restore these. 

Why is exfoliating the day before so important?

The simple answer is, the smoother my canvas... the nicer my work! Your skin naturally exfoliates every week and its not always on the same schedule in different body parts. By exfoliating the day before you are making sure your skin is on the same schedule as your tan fades off. If you did not get to exfoliate, don't worry, I have an emergency exfoliating treatment for only $5 that can be used at the studio immediately before your tan is applied. DO NOT EXFOLIATE AT HOME THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT!!!!

Why are certain soaps & lotions restricted... What should I use?

Certain soaps and lotions contain chemicals such as fragrances and sulfates which are damaging to the tan. I always suggest the more natural the better! For body wash, I suggest feminine wash which is PH balanced or I sell a body wash for $4. As far lotion, coconut oil is king! of course tanning friendly products and extenders are also safe for your tan.


Do you offer an organic option?

No, because they do not truly exist! Although solutions can contain some organic ingredients... there is no such thing as a 100% organic spray tan solution at this point that I am aware of. Believe it or not, water is not considered organic! So anything with water in it can never wholly be organic. Don't fret my solutions are nut/allergen free, paraben free, and sulfate free. I am not sure why some manufacturers mislead their customers by using the buzzword organic, but I refuse to be dishonest with my clientele.  

I am breastfeeding or pregnant... can I still spray tan?

When you are pregnant... yes, with a doctor's permission! I have never heard of a doctor denying my client yet. I do realize every case is different though and want you to check with someone who knows best first. I also provide nose filters and eye protection free of charge upon request. As far as breastfeeding goes, you must cover the nipple area with pasties or an undergarment. Spray tan solution is designed for topical use only.... not to be digested by your precious little one.

Do men spray tan?

Yes... Don't let the pink logo fool you! I service many male clients that are going on vacation or just want a healthy glow for their day to day life. No, you do not have to shave your entire body before seeing me. Please make sure you exfoliate the day before seeing me thou! I do require that my male clients wear some sort of undergarment such as boxers, a thong, or speedos. The solution will wash out of the fabric.

Do you travel and do parties?

Yes I sure do! Every party is assessed on a case by case basis. Pricing and discounts are determined by the party size. I do sometimes require a deposit and charge a travel fee depending on distance. Some of my most popular party requests are for sorority houses and wedding parties!

Do you have a cancellation policy, guarantee your work, and how do I book?

Cancellation Policy- I require 12 hour minimum cancellation/reschedule notification. A $15 fee will be charged to your card on file if this policy is violated. I was lenient for many years and this will now be strictly enforced! Your credit card is added by yourself on file to This is an extremely secure and reputable processor. Upon 2 no calls/no shows I require 100% prepayment for future appointments or the right to decline servicing you all together. Both our time is valuable, please be polite!

I do not issue refunds, I have never had to. I do however guarantee my work within the first 48 hours and will correct any issues. After that, I am not sure if proper aftercare has been practiced. Please notify me of any issues with your tan regardless of the time frame, so I may offer a solution. I want both of us to be proud of my work!

Booking online is easiest by clicking the button below. Online I only require 12 hours advanced notice. Via phone, text, or email I require 48 hours. I do not answer calls when I am closed! If you have questions regarding the process, please book online first and then notify me of your questions via other means of contact. If you are requesting an appointment outside of my regular hours the charge is $50. Please contact me directly to schedule those. I am a one woman show and service about 2,000 clients, I try my best to keep up with all contact, but do enjoy my off time as well! 

Why did I relocate to a home studio?

I know in home studios are not always the preferred choice of clients. After renting my own salon for many years, I recently relocated to a studio in my own home. This allows me to remain close to my growing family and keep my pricing competitive with growing costs for my products. I am also located in Ypsilanti. My business was originally started in Ann Arbor, hence the name. Due to lack of parking for my clientele and traffic issues, it is more convenient to work a few minutes outside of Ann Arbor. I did not want to rename my business and still service the Ann Arbor area. Regardless of my location, I still offer the best spray tan in town with the same high quality products!